Bucket List

Every once in a while, something happens in your life that changes you. Mine came when I was 21 years old. I still remember sitting in Journalism 201 after seeing on Facebook that two of my high school classmates had died in a car accident.

I wasn’t particularly close to either one of them but it was one of those moments that shook me. I know I should have been listening but I spent the entirety of that class and most of the week that followed writing out a bucket list. I’ve now carried it around with me for more than 6 years. As I said back then,

“No one wants to face their own mortality but sometimes we have to. Even in our 20s we are not untouchable. And we don’t have forever. We have a very finite set of days and it is up to us to choose how we will fill them.

Some people live a whole lifetime in 20 years and some people don’t even come close to that in 80 I don’t know about you but I’d rather be in the first group. Because like it or not, I could die tomorrow and i want to live life in a way that I would be okay with that.”

21 year old me, being philosophical

It has gotten tattered and ripped and has grown to be more than 6 pages front and back. A while ago, after a mild panic when I thought I had lost it, my husband suggested that I digitize it. So here it is, friends! I’ve been working my way through it but it seems that, for each one I cross off, I add two more. But that is the way I want to live my life – always striving for something new.

So, if you have any suggestions, let me know!

  1. Travel to a country for every year old I am (or 100 – I’d be happy with that)
  2. Live abroad
  3. Live on every continent (except maybe Antarctica
  4. Be fluent in another language
  5. Run a half marathon (did it with my mother!)
  6. Run a marathon (again, did it with my mother!)
  7. Try a new sport
  8. Go snorkeling
  9. Go scuba diving
  10. Go skiing
  11. Trek the Inca Trail
  12. Climb a mountain
  13. Go horseback riding
  14. Go skydiving
  15. Learn to play chess
  16. Be on a C.D.
  17. Fall in love
  18. Surprise someone
  19. Make a difference in someone’s life
  20. Be a mentor
  21. Pursue my passion
  22. Write a book
  23. Fly in a hot air balloon
  24. Sing in front of an audience
  25. Go on a volunteer trip
  26. Pay someone’s parking meter
  27. Get married
  28. Dance in the rain
  29. Run barefoot on a beach
  30. Really experience a sunrise
  31. Really experience a sunset
  32. See the northern lights
  33. Witness an eclipse
  34. Go stargazing
  35. Plant a tree
  36. Get a pet
  37. Give a speech to 1,000+ people
  38. Throw a massive party
  39. Get a complete makeover
  40. Take a social etiquette class
  41. Take a dance class
  42. Be a successful matchmaker
  43. Get an MBA or Masters
  44. Learn a new instrument
  45. Win the lottery
  46. Learn a martial art
  47. Go on a road trip
  48. Go backpacking
  49. Go hiking
  50. Go surfing
  51. Go windsurfing
  52. Go on a trip without an itinerary
  53. Go swimming with dolphins
  54. Go swimming with sharks
  55. Act in a film
  56. Knit a scarf
  57. Write a song
  58. Make a homemade meal
  59. Live through 4 seasons
  60. Read a random book
  61. Fall asleep outside
  62. Try being a vegetarian
  63. Fold origami cranes
  64. Go on a meditation retreat
  65. Pay for my parents’ vacation
  66. Participate in a movement
  67. Become an expert in something
  68. See the cherry blossoms in Japan
  69. Bury the hatchet with someone
  70. Have a picnic
  71. Do something out of character
  72. Fly first class
  73. Hit the bullseye on a dartboard
  74. Climb a volcano
  75. Fly in a helicopter
  76. Meet someone famous
  77. Tell my family I love them (which we should all do more!)
  78. Ride on a roller coaster
  79. Go on a cruise
  80. Be in a fulfilling relationship
  81. Go on a romantic getaway
  82. Do a somersault
  83. Do a front flip
  84. Do a back flip
  85. Visit a castle
  86. Change the world
  87. Help someone in need
  88. Learn sign language
  89. See the Mona Lisa
  90. Go to a costume party
  91. Gain enlightenment
  92. Attend my high school reunion
  93. Teach someone to read
  94. Be published (does publishing this blog count?)
  95. Sew something I can wear
  96. Make a candle
  97. Make jewelry
  98. Blow glass
  99. Work on a potter’s wheel
  100. Build a tree fort
  101. Create a family tree
  102. Refinish old furniture (sitting in my lovely old rocker right now!)
  103. Take an art class
  104. Take a cooking class
  105. Write a letter in calligraphy
  106. Get my handwriting analyzed
  107. Create a scrapbook
  108. Make a photo journal
  109. Make stained glass
  110. Make soap
  111. Get a degree
  112. Attend a seminar
  113. Teach a class
  114. Say hello in 10 languages
  115. Take an IQ test
  116. Jump start a car
  117. Get CPR certified
  118. Memorize a poem
  119. Read everything my favorite author has written (JK Rowling keeps writing new things so this will be unchecked for a while!
  120. Read a classic novel
  121. Research my hometown history
  122. Read a banned book
  123. Get a foot massage
  124. Get a bikini wax (I’m not so sure about this one anymore…)
  125. Get a professional massage
  126. Get a facial
  127. Go to a fashion show
  128. Be a blonde
  129. Be a brunette
  130. Be a red head
  131. Wear a kilt
  132. Drink Jameson in Dublin (went with my Jame-o loving dad!)
  133. Get a spray tan
  134. Take a mud bath
  135. Earn 6 figures in one year
  136. Own real estate
  137. Gamble
  138. Sell something on the internet
  139. Be debt free
  140. Create a passive income
  141. Shop on Rodeo Drive
  142. Make a career out of hobby
  143. Sleep on satin sheets
  144. Drink tea at a Japanese Tea House
  145. Create a recipe
  146. Bake a loaf of bread
  147. Make fresh pasta
  148. Have a wine collection
  149. Eat escargot
  150. Eat a meal cooked by a famous chef
  151. Make ice cream
  152. Wade in a cranberry bog (just read something about these and spiders so maybe not…)
  153. Be in a food fight
  154. Eat fire
  155. Catch, cook, and eat a fish
  156. Pick fruit from a tree to make a pie
  157. Eat at a 5-star restaurant
  158. Do a body shot
  159. Attend a hog roast
  160. Order room service (this is now my guilty pleasure when traveling for work)
  161. Toss pizza dough
  162. Eat caviar
  163. Eat frog legs
  164. Leave a 100% tip for a waiter
  165. Learn how to use chopsticks
  166. Enter a food eating contest
  167. Stomp grapes
  168. Receive a fan letter
  169. Be an extra in a movie
  170. Go to a dinner theater
  171. See a famous piece of art
  172. Have my picture in the paper (small towns – gotta love them)
  173. Contact someone with the same name
  174. See a show in Las Vegas
  175. Be on T.V.
  176. Go to a drive-in movie
  177. Go to a book signing
  178. See a ballet
  179. Go to a Renaissance festival
  180. Have a private booth at a club
  181. Perform a magic trick
  182. Enter a limbo contest
  183. Crash a party
  184. Walk on the red carpet
  185. See my name in credits
  186. Start a fire without matches
  187. Do a bar / pub crawl
  188. Take a pole dancing class
  189. See a Broadway show
  190. Be in a Broadway show
  191. Read a book before seeing the movie
  192. Go to a blues bar
  193. Attend a black tie gala
  194. Attend a premier
  195. Ride on a motorcycle
  196. Swim with sting rays
  197. Wrap a snake around my neck
  198. Explore a cave
  199. Parasail
  200. White water raft
  201. Ride an ATV on sand dunes
  202. Go surfing on sand dunes
  203. Jump off a cliff
  204. Bungee jump
  205. Dog sled (Coming December 2019)
  206. Walk on hot coals
  207. Sail a boat
  208. Rope swing into water
  209. Ride on a luge
  210. Go on a police ride along
  211. Ride a mechanical bull
  212. Kiss a sea lion
  213. Go clam digging
  214. Eat an oyster
  215. Eat a bug
  216. Swim in the ocean
  217. Go whale watching
  218. Milk a cow
  219. Hike every trail in a national park
  220. See the salmon run
  221. Swim with turtles
  222. Swim with a school of fish
  223. Stand under a waterfall
  224. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  225. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  226. See penguins in their natural habitat
  227. See a coral reef
  228. Name a star
  229. Climb to the top of a tree
  230. Herd cattle
  231. Feed an alligator
  232. Horseback ride on the beach
  233. Horse and carriage ride
  234. Hug a redwood
  235. Attend a rodeo
  236. Attend a rodeo in the rodeo capital of the world
  237. Sleep in a stable
  238. Shear a sheep
  239. Make a snowman
  240. Sleep in an igloo
  241. Go to an ice bar
  242. Sing a karaoke duet
  243. Write a love letter
  244. Find my first love
  245. Make a new friend
  246. Bring baked goods to a neighbor
  247. Get my grandparents’ life stories
  248. Carve my initials in a tree
  249. Share a cab with a stranger
  250. Organize a family portrait
  251. Make a bucket list
  252. Donate clothing
  253. Build a house with habitat for humanity
  254. Build a house in another country
  255. Go green
  256. Meditate
  257. Serve in a soup kitchen
  258. Ring bells for Salvation Army
  259. Be president (Okay, so it was just of my sorority – I’m counting it!)
  260. Start a gratitude journal
  261. Sponsor a child
  262. Be a big brother / big sister (as in the program – I didn’t forget about you Matt and Megan!)
  263. Clean up trash at the park
  264. Compost
  265. Plant a community garden
  266. Join the marrow list
  267. Do a charity walk
  268. Make a website
  269. Have a garden
  270. Get hypnotized
  271. Watch sumo wrestling
  272. Attend a small town event
  273. Have a night at the opera
  274. Be in the audience for a TV show
  275. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle
  276. Join a book club
  277. Haggle at an open market
  278. Walk on a nude beach
  279. Make a balloon animal
  280. Go skinning dipping
  281. Walk on stilts
  282. Start a collection (we’ve got a killer collection of post cards!)
  283. Build a sand castle
  284. Own an original piece of artwork
  285. Tie a sailors knot
  286. Pick a lock
  287. Learn how to whistle with 2 fingers
  288. Build a house of cards
  289. Dumpster dive
  290. Slide down a firehouse pole
  291. Golf 18 holes
  292. Learn to ice skate backwards (I married a hockey player so this is embarrassing)
  293. Climb an indoor rock wall
  294. Skeet shoot
  295. Go paint balling
  296. Learn how to fence
  297. Take a self defense class
  298. Do the splits (I’ve been a gymnast since I was 4 – this was a given)
  299. Do a 5K
  300. drive an ATV
  301. Drive a tractor
  302. Test drive a convertible
  303. Go in a submarine
  304. Take a segway tour
  305. Ride a gondola
  306. Ride in a tuk tuk
  307. Ride in a cable car
  308. Tube down a river
  309. Go ziplining
  310. Ride on a train
  311. Ride on the Eurail (I only learned later that’s not an actual train line)
  312. Drive on the autobahn
  313. Ride on a double decker bus
  314. Ride on a double decker plane
  315. Ride a zamboni
  316. Tour Mayan ruins
  317. Go in a natural hot spring
  318. Visit a ghost town
  319. Tour a working farm (Coming November 2019)
  320. Tour a factory
  321. Tour a vineyard
  322. Visit a butterfly sanctuary
  323. Take a trip with my parents
  324. Take a trip with my grandparents
  325. Tour Alcatraz
  326. Have dinner on the Seine
  327. Take a trip with my best friend
  328. Take a trip with my husband
  329. Explore the rainforest
  330. Visit a concentration camp (Always humbling)
  331. Take part in an anthropological dig
  332. Go to an aquarium
  333. Live in a foreign country
  334. Tour a lighthouse
  335. Tour the Pyramids at Giza
  336. Visit a Buddhist temple
  337. Visit every U.S. state
  338. Take a spontaneous road trip
  339. Go on a safari
  340. Attend a luau
  341. Go to a bed and breakfast
  342. Walk on a glacier
  343. Visit a state capital
  344. Visit Washington D.C.
  345. Stay at a working ranch
  346. Stay on a sheep farm
  347. Stay in an underwater hotel
  348. Stay in a castle
  349. Stay in a haunted hotel
  350. Drink beer at Oktoberfest
  351. Go to Carnival
  352. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
  353. Celebrate New Years Eve in Times Square
  354. Celebrate the 4th of July in Washington D.C.
  355. Pan for gold
  356. Visit the Grand Canyon
  357. Visit Macchu Picchu
  358. Visit the Louvre
  359. Visit St. Marks’ Basilica
  360. Go to La Tomatina
  361. Go to the running of the bulls
  362. Go to Croatia
  363. Swim in the world’s largest pool
  364. Go zorbing
  365. Drink tea at Kensington Palace
  366. Play the Old Course at St. Andrews (coming October 2019)
  367. Try archery
  368. Solve a Rubik’s cube
  369. Learn to juggle
  370. Attend the summer Olympics
  371. Attend the winter Olympics
  372. Visit the original Olympics Grounds
  373. Become an early riser
  374. Live on a house on a lake
  375. Drive a jet ski
  376. Stay in the Boundary Waters
  377. Go a week without showering (see above!)
  378. Drive a vespa
  379. Kiss on the beach
  380. Visit Boston
  381. Kiss at New Years
  382. Take photo booth pictures
  383. Go on a double date
  384. Hold a baby panda
  385. Create a time capsule
  386. Kiss in the rain
  387. Go to a MLB game
  388. Go to a NBA game
  389. Go to an NFL game
  390. Go to the superbowl
  391. Go to a Bundesliga game
  392. Watch my Alma Mater in the final four
  393. Watch my Alma Mater in the Rose Bowl
  394. Visit Angkor Wat
  395. Ride on a river boat
  396. Sing karaoke with Ryan
  397. See glowworm caves in New Zealand
  398. Send a message in a bottle
  399. Go to Disney World
  400. Go to Disney Land
  401. Post a letter on Juliet’s house walls
  402. Put a lock on a lock bridge
  403. Hold a koala
  404. Have coffee with someone famous
  405. Write something in cement
  406. Design my dream home
  407. Find a four leaf clover
  408. Learn how to surf
  409. Study abroad
  410. Go on a camping trip with friends
  411. Throw a drink in someone’s face
  412. Lay in the middle of the road
  413. Ride in a limo
  414. Eat a croissant in Paris
  415. Swim in every ocean
  416. Be married for 10 years
  417. 20 years
  418. 30 years
  419. 40 years
  420. 50 years
  421. Stand with one foot on either side of the Equator
  422. Go to Yellowstone
  423. See Old Faithful
  424. Go to Yosemite
  425. See the Golden Gate Brige
  426. Drive through a wild fire
  427. Eat a crepe in Paris
  428. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain
  429. Kiss under mistletoe
  430. See my siblings get married
  431. Visit the Sistine Chapel (After Ryan and my parents saw the Pope give a sermon from the Vatican)
  432. See the Channel Tunnel
  433. See the CN Tower
  434. See the Empire State Building
  435. See Itaipu Dam
  436. See the Panama Canal
  437. See the Great Barrier Reef
  438. See the Harbor at Rio de Janeiro
  439. See Mt. Everest
  440. See the Paricutin Volcano
  441. See Victoria Falls
  442. See Chichen Itza
  443. See Christ the Redeemer
  444. See The Great Wall of China
  445. See Petra
  446. See the Roman Coliseum (Surprisingly impressive!)
  447. See the Taj Mahal
  448. Get a full-time job
  449. Get scuba certified
  450. Drink Dom Perignon
  451. Meet royalty
  452. Be in a magazine
  453. Take the Harry Potter tour in London
  454. Drink out of a coconut
  455. Go home when the sun is coming up
  456. Interview for my dream job
  457. Stay in a hostel
  458. Buy a surprise plane ticket
  459. Go on my honeymoon
  460. Go to Wimbledon
  461. Drink sangria in Spain
  462. Ride on a yacht
  463. Float in the dead sea
  464. Experience zero gravity
  465. Stay in an over water bungalow
  466. Witness a solar eclipse
  467. Have a home library
  468. See the fairy pools in Scotland
  469. Attend a music festival
  470. Throw a dart at a map and go there
  471. Visit the walk of fame
  472. See Stonehenge
  473. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  474. Donate hair to Locks for Love
  475. Stand in the sky deck in Chicago
  476. Watch fireworks at Cinderella’s castle
  477. Get a henna tattoo in India
  478. Visit Abby Road
  479. Get Yoga Instructor Certified
  480. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (My 21st birthday and still the best day ever!)
  481. Finish a book in one sitting
  482. Go to a church service in Westminster Abbey
  483. Go to a midnight premier
  484. Release a paper lantern
  485. Make my own bottle of wine
  486. Cook my way through a cook book
  487. See the leaning Tower of Pisa (Coming November 2019)
  488. Do a polar plunge
  489. Cruise down the Nile
  490. visit Stratford-Upon-Avon
  491. See a show at Moulin Rouge
  492. Visit the Vatican
  493. See SNL Live
  494. Go to a game at Lambeau
  495. Get a 4.0 in a college semester
  496. Take a photography class
  497. Take an art class
  498. Take a ceramics class
  499. Read Harry Potter in a foreign langauge
  500. See the river in Chicago dyed green for St. Patty’s
  501. Drive a racecar
  502. Ride in a fighter jet
  503. Watch a State of the Union address
  504. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (Coming March 2020)
  505. Put a piece of gum on the wall in Seattle
  506. Live on the East and West Coast
  507. Visit the hidden beaches at Marrieta Islands
  508. Spend a night in a tree house
  509. Play messy twister
  510. See Heaven’s Trail in Ireland
  511. Jump into a pool full of jello
  512. Go tree camping
  513. Be a bridesmaid
  514. Do paint balloon darting
  515. Go to Monte Carlo
  516. Climb a Volcano
  517. Visit the Salem Witch House
  518. Be in a photo shoot
  519. Volunteer with the Red Cross
  520. See the Statues at Easter Islands
  521. See Versailles
  522. Jump off a waterfall
  523. Stay in a 5 star hotel
  524. Fly in a blimp
  525. See the Amazon mixing of the waters
  526. Write a novel
  527. Publish a novel
  528. Be part of a world record (world’s largest rice crispy bar – I had a bite 🙂 )
  529. Hike a 14er
  530. Learn how to play poker
  531. Hike Pike’s Peak
  532. See a meteor shower
  533. Go fly boarding
  534. Start a new tradition
  535. Be an aunt
  536. Learn to read tea leaves
  537. Meet a Harry Potter cast member
  538. Go to a Superbowl parade
  539. Go cage diving in Mosel Bay
  540. Visit Newschwanstein Castle
  541. Ski the Alps
  542. Ride in a jeepney
  543. Buy an R.V.
  544. Bike the Dutch tulip fields
  545. Harvest grapes in a vineyard
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